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Based out of Sonoma California, Omni Energy Solutions provides cutting edge, state-of-the-art energy solutions as a pioneering specialist in high capacity and voltage micro grid power systems. Omni's primary focus is to merge existing energy infrastructures with new technologies, creating smarter uniterruptable power systems replacing utility power.

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Why Build A Micro Grid?

A Micro Grid is a simple solution when put in place can solve many problems or power outages related to climate change, in your business, residences, or industrial application. A Microgrid is made up by a group of interconnected DERs (distributed energy resources) and loads that are able to interact independent from utility power. A well designed system can function autonomously as an island by itself and power your facility with seamless switching from utility feed power to your Microgrid power automatically.

The goal of a microgrid can be as simple as providing renewable energy to the customer, or as complicated as maintaining power through an outage or PSPS event and, often times, is multi-functional providing an array of solutions as they can happen throughout the year.

“One of the biggest mistakes I believe people make when attempting to improve their lives is one of the simplest. They just don’t take action based on what they have just learned.” — Anonymous

The concerns of building and maintaining a Microgrid are something Omni knows all too well. We are not afraid to admit that we have had to overcome challenges in the past and we’re here to bring our experience to the future. Our experienced team is ready to design and develop your Microgrid that will meet your power requirement.  We certify every component is perfectly integrated for unwavering dependability for years to come.

As we all know, Public Safety Power Shutoffs or “PSPS Events” are here to stay. Having a backup power system is more important now than it has been in years for continuous business operations, safety, comfort, and ease of mind. This is the reason to consider now and not later to launch the planning of your emergency power solution.

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Solar panels being used in Sonoma Microgrid

Key Services

With the guiding principle that all technology installed during construction cycle must decrease the carbon footprint,  our team continues this impliment this principle established at Stone Edge Farm by the property owner.  Omni is well versed in codes and standards surrounding microgrid technologies and will meet or exceed them. We have years of experience in diagnosing problems and solving issues. Microgrids are a system that requires occasional operation and maintenance, and we are prepared to support as required. Our primary service offerings are engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) of Micro Grids including  operations and maintenance.

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Microgrid Design & Engineering

We speak microgrids, and are fluent in their electrical architecture. Allow us to develop your goals with cutting edge technology.

Microgrid Construction

As  a California licenced contractor, our construction experince is established installing and commission all aspects of microgrid equipment. Let us bring your project off the engineered drawing sheets and into operations.

Microgrid, Operations and Maintenance

Since we engineer, procure, construct and certify Microgrids, who better to provide operations and maintenance in the ongoing operations of your system. We have a complete programs to cover this once your Microgrid is ready to go on line.

We are awarding-winning pioneers of the microgrid industry.
Microgrid battery installation

Years of undisputable reputation

Starting with the  Stone Edge Farm Micro Grid project (since 2013), Omni has been one of the indisputable pioneers, working diligently to perfect the construction of microgrids for our clients. Omni is well versed in what it takes to design within the codes and standards surrounding microgrid technologies and Omni will certify to meet or exceed those standards. We have years of experience in the proper service , operations and maintenance of Americas first stand-alone Micro Grid, the Stone Edge Farms Micro Grid Project.

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Testimonials & Quotes

Below are quotes and testimonials we have received regarding our work on microgrids.

The Stone Edge Farm MicroGrid Project is governed by what we call the Prime Directive: Any technology we deploy, and any system we install, must reduce the carbon footprint at Stone Edge Farm. Our goal with this project is to demonstrate the variety of clean energy solutions that can be used to provide power to a campus or even an area of a city.

Craig Wooster, Founder

Now, Stone Edge generates electrical power on a micro-grid that serves all its energy needs. What the McQuowns and their team have done suggests that real innovation takes place in the private sector, without government funding or oversight.

Jonah Raskin, Counter Punch

We're able to be a sandbox for clean technology innovation and a living laboratory where our lessons learned are able to feed into improved energy projects in the future.

Robert Furber, Wooster Energy Engineering

We didn’t know what we were doing when we started the MicroGrid. But at some point, you’re better off to do something rather than overthink it. Start, and see what you find out. Five years later, we crossed a critical juncture. Now we know how.

Mac McQuown, Stone Edge Farm MicroGrid

Mac McQuown, Stone Edge Farm MicroGrid

Mac McQuown, Stone Edge Farm MicroGrid

Microgrid consulting, engineering, and construction.


We are available to design plans for various types of projects. We have separated these types of construction projects into three architectural tiers:

Micro Grid

Critical Loads

  • Omni’s technical team will survey your precise power requirements
  • Our team will then survey your site and facility requirements as construction site.
  • Our design team will go to work and design your custom engineered Certified Micro Grid

Micro Grid


  • Omni’s Certifies Micro Grid systems are created with battle tested sustainability.
  • Our exclusive automated switching system assures the owner of dependability and reliability.
  • Our certified Micro Grids are time tested for a short term ROI for the owners

Micro Grid

Utility Independent

  • Omni is proud to be the creator and certify the first utility independent MicroGrid.
  • Our Certified MicroGrid Design is battle proven since 2013.
  • Our design team curates the most perfect solution for every installation.

“Excuses are a time thief, taking action is investing in your future with confidence.”